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Provider of Quality Products and Services for the improvement in technical performance whilst maintaining environmental sustainability.
R. J. Allen's Training & Assessment Services enjoy Technical Arrangements with:
  • IBAK Australia, Darren Michalski at (02) 9648 2050
  • SECA (Aust) Pty Ltd, Mark Quealy at (02) 9724 0433 
  • AUSTECK Pty Ltd, Tristan Day at 1800 287835
  • KRE Engineering, Mick Butler at (02) 9522 4922
  • INTRATECH, Alex Klien at 0414 152 802
  • SPOUTVAC, Andrew Gladman at 0413 442 550.


​R. J. Allen's Training & Assessment Services provides effective and efficient solutions in learning and development for the Civil Construction Industry. 

John Allen has a partnership with a Victorian Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Water Training Australia. Mike Rankin is the WTA Director who has a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in water & wastewater treatment, irrigation and dam operations.

John has designed and developed learning resources in a number of streams of the Water and Civil Construction Industries for many clients from overseas and throughout Australia.

John has developed Quality, OH&S and Environmental Systems for clients to meet the requirements of SAIGLOBAL accreditation.


R. J. Allen's Training & Assessment Services established in 2000 is a well recognised Water Industry Leader.

John Allen has conducted training and assessment in NWPNET037 Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Assets throughout Australia and overseas in Hong Kong and Singapore.

John designed and developed a Code of Practise for Hong Kong in Conduit Condition Evaluation by CCTV with his HK colleague.

John has conducted training and assessment in NWPNET059 Supervise and Report On Conduit Inspections throughout Australia for Asset Management and Asset Creation Staff in Water Authorities, Local Government and Major CCTV Contractors.

John has designed, developed and implemented many various Learning Events to a wide variety of Water and Civil Construction employees throughout Australia and in South East Asia.


All companies who are National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certified, please note that someone in your organisation must have been accredited to NWPNET059 Supervise and Report on Conduit Inspections. CCTV Operators are accredited to NWPNET037 Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Assets. Lead Auditors from NATA utilise  AS ISO 17025 2018 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories as the checklist when conducting audits for re-registration of CCTV testing companies. For companies wishing to apply for NWPNET059, R. J. Allen's Training & Assessment Services will be able to provide Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for some of the Elements of the Unit to persons who have successfully completed NWPNET037 / NWPNET016 / NWP331B Units of Competence towards completion of NWPNET059.


R. J. Allen's Training & Assessment Services has worked with a variety of clients varying from Local Government Councils, Water Authorities, Major Contractors to small, one man business operations.

John's list of clients are:

  • ​Government Skills Australia

  •  Water Training Australia

  • Allpipe Technologies WA

  • Queensland Urban Utilities QLD

  • Griffith City Council NSW

  • Pipe Management Australia Pty Ltd QLD, NSW

  • South Australia Water SA

  • Mousellis & Sons NT

  • Veolia Water Network Services QLD, VIC, NSW

  • Insituform Pacific Australia VIC

  • Interflow Pty Ltd

  • Total Drain Group QLD VIC

  • Wide Bay Water QLD

  • Reservoir Maintenance Contractors VIC

  • Kempsey Shire Council NSW

  • ACTEW Water ACT

  • GMA Environmental Services Pty Ltd VIC

  • Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions SA

  • Taswater TAS

  • Water Corporation WA

  • Gold Coast City Council QLD

  • Nu-Jet Services TAS

  • AUS Locations TAS

  • Paneltec Services TAS


Our goal at R. J. Allen's Training & Assessment Services is to provide effective and efficient training solutions designed to boost the performance of your business, be it small or a large organisation.

​John Allen with his wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in the Water and Civil Construction Industries will be an asset to your organisation's development and performance.

John's main product is the delivery of training and assessment in NWPNET037 Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Assets using CCTV equipment in accordance with WSA-05 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia. Also, John will deliver NWPNET059 Supervise and Report on Conduit Inspections in parallel with NWPNET037.

​John specialises in delivery of the above Units of Competence however he is able to design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your key performance indicators and business goals.

Please note that the previous Units of Competence:
  • NWPNET016 Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Line has been superseded by NWPNET037 Inspect Sewer or Stormwater Assets; and
  • NWPNET017 Supervise & Report on Conduit Inspections has been superseded by NWPNET059 Supervise & Report on Conduit Inspections.
  • The New Units are from the National Water Package 2019.
  • The Performance Criteria for both Units remain the same as the previously superseded Units.


John has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Water and Civil Construction Industries as well as professional relationships with other specialists consulting with Water Training Australia.


The Revised Code of Practice has been released and published as WSA-05 2020 4.1.

"We at Allpipe Technologies have found John’s training services both professional detailed and a solid base for our team leaders to gain the expertise and confidence to produce accurate reporting for our clients. When required John has always been happy to take our calls and answer or guide us on any technical queries. He is a pleasure to work with and, we believe the best in this specialised sector. We now have four (4) qualified CCTV conduit coded operators and our positive feedback from our clients speaks for itself’".
Kind Regards,

Sam Miller

Managing Director.

Allpipe Technologies Pty Ltd. WA.

0405 695 000

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